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The Open Digital Alliance  programme offers two membership types - Services and Software. Our Services partner programmes are detailed below:

Associate Partners

Senaryo offers  'Associate' partners exciting new possibilities to generate income through co creating and applying advanced capabilities aimed at driving mutual value for our joint clients. 

If you have substantial experience in consulting, relationship management or specific industry sectors we can create value with you.

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Integration Partners

Senaryo is part of the Open Digital Alliance re imagining the delivery of business outcomes through improved business resilience and digital innovation.

Integration partners work with us to deliver market leading customer experience, knowledge and service in their chosen market segments.

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Solution Director Partners

Senaryo offers  'Solution Director' partners exciting new possibilities to influence, design & build unique offers based on their domain expertise. 

If you have substantial experience in a particular industry and passion to help Digitise & automate client needs, in order to help clients Accelerate then this is for you.

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Collaboration Partners

Accelerating business goals and growth is a fundamental component of sustainable economies and communities.

Senaryo actively works with business incubation hubs, accelerators and partners to provide the tools, services and platform to maximise the potential of organisations, their owners and the communities around them that grow and thrive as a result

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Senaryo Open Digital Alliance Partners

Swush Ltd

Swush is a consultancy that specialises in creating and delivering the Target Operating Model you need to deliver your company’s strategy.

Swush are trusted advisors in executive and organisational transformation matters, providing utmost discretion; to private, public and charity sector leadership.

Through courses, consultancy and coaching Swush enable success by identifying and removing the barriers that stand in your way.

The experienced Swush team have in-depth insight into the professional challenges faced in various industries including Financial Services, NHS and Private Healthcare, Local and Central Government, Global Manufacturing, Telecoms, Customer Service and the Military.

The qualified and experienced team deliver bespoke programmes for individuals, teams, and businesses, helping them overcome their unique challenges.


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Bubble Enterprises CIC

Bubble has offered business advice to start up organisations in many fields, with the additional twist of working with entrepreneurs who have had mental health challenges.

The pandemic heightened the need to pivot and deliver advice services in an online manner, and ideally to a wider audience than the current Greater Manchester perspective. 

Senaryo identified and built the knowledge management system, based on the Aspenify playbook system, to manage the range of knowledge that had been created and apply it to many more business initiatives.

The number of start up businesses supported has increased by a factor of 10 and the 'cost base' for delivery has shrunk.

Lloyd-Davies Associates Ltd

LDA had the need to deliver business incubation services (The management of innovation)in partnership with Entrepreneurs and the incubation eco-system that supports them. (Finance, HR, Office Space, ITC, Continuity Planning)

Senaryo Services designed and built a range of knowledge management and operational services (websites, CRM, Accounts and business continuity planning) that have allowed LDA to focus on the business consulting whilst knowing they have a partner who cares about the supporting back-office systems.

The assets under management of LDA have increased four fold since the partnership started.

Coverbiz Ltd

Coverbiz recognised the possibility to utilise a solution based on Aspenify Interactive Playbooks from Senaryo, to monetise their expertise in Business Continuity Planning.

The immediate prospect was a 200-site customer in transport, logistics and distribution. A custom solution was engineered to suit their specific requirements.

Being cloud-based, the new system offered significant enhancements and benefits. It unified operational processes and gave better management visibility and reporting regarding locations preparedness to support their clients.

Impressed with the initial solution, with the support of the Senaryo consulting, development and delivery team, Coverbiz were able to produce fully supported standard continuity plans that have been applied across the whole estate.

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