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Delivering company level value through the application of thought and systemising it.

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The founders of Senaryo Services Ltd and many of their business partners have their roots in the information technology industry and the transformational role that technology can play in creating company value... when managed well! The team have been involved in designing, implementing and delivering change programmes that have added company level value to the organisations they have served as either employees or advisors.

Projects have included

  • Transforming the 'Go-To-Market' operations of multiple 'Hi-Tech' sales and service companies.

  • Demonstrating compliance in heavily regulated  sectors such as finance, government and telecommunications.

  • Leading the mergers and acquisitions of multiple companies.

  • Delivering the turnaround of non profitable service business.

  • Creation of managed service businesses.

  • Creation and trade sale of consultancy businesses.

  • Involvement in the Health and Social Care agenda in the UK.

The team have collectively 'packaged' this experience to be able to deliver it for the benefit of their clients either through advisory engagements or creation and deployment of systems based on modern architectures as they continue to be involved in delivering company level value through Senaryo Services.

Meet the Team

Don Phillips, Founder and Managing Partner

Don has extensive experience of leadership and management roles in large corporate organisations, including HP, the public sector, healthcare and the 'third sector'. He has a clear understanding of how to successfully meet the needs of both direct and in-direct sales channels, and an exceptional network of business interests.

Steve Hanney, Founder and Managing Partner

Steve has a wealth of experience, in management of large professional service  organisations, including HP and NetApp. Steve formed and sold a successful software development company, and has many years consulting and advising at board level. As founder/CEO of Aspenify Inc, Senaryo's prime business partner, Steve has a strong interest in developing Senaryos 'Digital Solutions' capability.

Ian Bennett, Director

With many years experience of business management, in the application of innovative value-added IT solutions for business growth, Ian leads the Senaryo management team, business plans and daily operations. Ian has a sales focus and extensive knowledge of the target markets. He also appreciates the importance being customer focussed and meeting the need to successfully manage digital transformation.

Erica Lamont, Director

Erica is a product evangelist and passionate about service delivery, particularly for the charities / Not-for-profit sector.  Erica brings exceptional product and industry knowledge to the leadership team.

Steve Sanders Founder and Managing Partner

A wealth of experience in complex business development, in strategic or global clients and mid-tier enterprise segments. Driving new business models and technology ideas to reinvent and achieve business objectives.  

Scott Murphy GTM Director and Managing Partner

Scott has extensive experience in building professional service, cloud & technology businesses, directly within businesses & working in partnership. Always focused on growing company value, over a 20 year career in the ITC market.