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Delivering company level value through the application of thought(s) and systemising it.

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The founders of Senaryo Services Ltd and many of their business partners have their roots in the information technology industry and the transformational role that technology can play in creating company value... when managed well! The team have been involved in scoping, analysing, designing, implementing delivering. monitoring and governing change programmes that have added company level value to the organisations they have served as either employees or advisors.

Projects have included

  • Transforming Operating Models across multiple public and private sector organisations.

  • Expertise in Carbon Off-Setting and Net-Zero programmes.

  • Transforming the 'Go-To-Market' operations of multiple 'Hi-Tech' sales and service companies.

  • Demonstrating compliance in heavily regulated  sectors such as finance, government and telecommunications.

  • Using compliance as a competitive edge in commercial markets.

  • Leading the mergers and acquisitions of multiple companies.

  • Delivering the turnaround of a non profitable service business.

  • Creation of managed service businesses.

  • Creation and trade sale of consultancy businesses.

  • Scaling and trade sale of a Value Added Reseller.

  • Involvement is consultancy on Smart-Cities.

  • Involvement in the Health and Social Care agenda in the UK.

The team have collectively 'packaged' this experience to be able to deliver it for the benefit of their clients either through advisory engagements or creation and deployment of systems based on modern architectures as they continue to be involved in delivering company level value through Senaryo Services.

Meet the Team

Don Phillips, Managing Director

Don has extensive experience of leadership and management roles in large corporate organisations, including HP, the public sector, healthcare and the 'third sector'. He has a clear understanding of how to successfully meet the needs of both direct and in-direct sales channels, and an exceptional network of business interests.

Martin Hanney, Managing Partner

Martin Hanney is an experienced Director of Operations with a proven track record in the computer software industry. He excels in business processes, requirements analysis, government, accounting, and CRM, showcasing strong operational expertise and leadership in driving organisational success.

Steve Sanders, Managing Partner

A wealth of experience in complex business development, in strategic or global clients and mid-tier enterprise segments. Driving new business models and technology ideas to reinvent and achieve business objectives.  

Scott Murphy, Managing Partner

Scott has extensive experience in building professional service, cloud & technology businesses, directly within businesses & working in partnership. Always focused on growing company value, over a 20 year career in the ITC market.

Associate Partners

David Galea, CEO Beat Ltd (Malta)

David is a dedicated business mentor and digital transformation expert with over twenty years of experience. He has supported diverse organisations, from start-ups to large corporations, in solving real-world problems. David has mentored numerous digital start-ups and contributed to significant projects globally.

Keith Holdt, CEO Equity Impact Partners

Keith, known as "The Strategic Pathfinder," helps Private Capital-backed leaders achieve remarkable results by simplifying complex challenges. With over 30 years of experience and his innovative Simpleship methodology, he has created over £1 billion in value and transformed numerous organisations globally.

Laurence Trigwell, CEO Grace Consulting

Laurence brings 38 years of experience in technology and financial services, specialising in strategy development, market management, and go-to-market approaches. He excels in identifying market opportunities, aligning organisational capabilities, and managing large-scale businesses. Laurence has worked with global financial institutions to enhance risk decisioning, capital efficiency, and operational effectiveness

Steve Hanney, CEO Aspenify (USA)

Steve has a wealth of experience, in management of large professional service  organisations, including HP and NetApp. Steve formed and sold a successful software development company, and has many years consulting and advising at board level. As founder/CEO of Aspenify Inc, Senaryo's prime business partner, Steve has a strong interest in developing Senaryo's 'Digital Solutions' capability.

Austin Merrett, CEO Swush Ltd

Austin Merrett is a transformative leader and consultant, known for his humor and work ethic. He ensures operating models deliver strategic goals through consultancy, courses, and coaching. Founder of Swush, Austin excels in removing barriers and creating value across various sectors globally.

Prof Erinma Bell, CEO Carisma Services

Erinma is a global peace activist and International Rotary Peace Fellow, renowned for delivering seminars and workshops worldwide. She holds prestigious recognitions, including the first woman statue in Manchester Town Hall, Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester, and numerous accolades for her influential work in peace and conflict resolution.

Prashant Upasani, CEO Vast (India)

Prashant is the Founder & CEO of VAST and Chief Product Officer at Aspenify, with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in product lifecycle management, offshore delivery, and technical leadership in Java and JavaScript. Prashant excels in Agile practices, DevOps, and mobile app development, with domain expertise in multiple industries.

Dr Leigh Wharton, CEO Bubble Partnership

Leigh, through Bubble Partnership Ltd and Bubble Enterprises CIC, collaborates with people and organisations to create new ventures. With 16 years of consultancy experience, Leigh manages and delivers diverse projects, including The Oasis Bubble Café, The POD Business Centre, and the AMBS Incubator.

Joyce Pemberton, CEO Tender Writing Services

Joyce is a Certified APMP Professional with over 35 years' experience, specializes in bid consulting, tender writing, and procurement. She assists with tender opportunities, bid submissions, and business development, boasting an 80% success rate. Joyce excels in Local Government, NHS, Education, Housing, Charities, and Private Sector projects.

Alan Simmonds, CEO OMDDMS Ltd

Alan has contributed to the OMDDMS operating model standard. He is also a seasoned DPO and privacy professional specializing in GDPR, DPA 2018, and related legislation in the UK, Europe, and ASEAN. He helps organisations navigate legal privacy challenges, ensuring compliance in strategy, planning, and operations. 

Deyrick Allen, Founder IoT Horizon

Deyrick Allen is a seasoned expert in IoT solutions, specialising in optimising business performance and efficiency. He has extensive experience with Smart Card technology following a career  at Hewlett Packard. Currently, he guides digital transformations at IoT Horizon, turning concepts into profitable solutions.

Dr Nick Clifford, MD Logic Ltd 

Nick is an experienced academic and consultant specialising in managing change. As a consultant at LOGIC Ltd, he focuses on overcoming obstinacy in organisational development. He is a Senior Honorary Associate Research Fellow at AMBS. His doctorate research at Alliance Manchester Business School examined organisational change and values defense.

Malcolm Tullett, CEO Risk and Safety Plus

Malcolm, a retired Senior Officer in the Fire and Rescue Service, helps business owners simplify corporate risk management and OSH performance. With decades of experience, he offers comprehensive fire and safety advisory services, specialising in behavioral safety, OSH management, fire strategy, and incident investigation.

Ian Bennett, Consultant Smart-IT

Ian specialises in digital transformation and business process automation, offering innovative solutions that deliver real business benefits. His expertise includes active monitoring and rapid issue detection, ensuring businesses stay ahead with efficient and effective operations.

James Roberts, CEO Method

James, with over 16 years of experience, excels in crafting elegant design experiences for renowned clients like Jaguar Land Rover and Microsoft. As Creative Director at Method Design, he seamlessly blends UX, UI, branding, and traditional design, effectively leading full stack projects and bridging client needs with design solutions.

Ian Phillips, CEO Energy Transition Advisory 

Ian, Director offers expert consultancy on energy transition with board-level advice and non-executive support. An MBA-qualified Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Ian has extensive experience in project management, business development, and strategic leadership in the energy sector, earning multiple industry accolades.

Grenville Page, Non-Executive Director

Grenville is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience as a Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy member. He excels in governance, risk management, and financial evaluations, supporting organizations across sectors to improve efficiency, strengthen governance, and deliver cost-effective, integrated services.

Nimah Allen, CEO IoT Horizon

Nimah specialises in creating IoT building management solutions leveraging Smart technology. Dedicated to breaking down technology barriers, Nimah enhances building efficiency and performance, transforming them one at a time through innovative IoT applications.